"Well Dale, I gotta tell you I've been a musician, saw a lot of musicians, dated some famous musicians, but since my love for the 60s and its music, I have waited for someone's music, to really speak to me, I know, your music speaks to each person, differently, and that is such a rare occurrence anymore, you are in a category of your own, you can't be labeled... you are so vast and wide...your beautiful music comes from a place so deep inside of you its timeless and nameless.....you are one of the GREATS...." -D Worden


"Very intelligent crescendo, you are technically very strong Dale, and then there is something else which makes you a sound engineer you have a beautfiul secret while you play, haven''t you ... because it does something special with the imagination in term of fantasy" -Bart H


Dale you are totally amazing!!!!!!! You put your spiritual essence in your music. Not many people can do that. You have to know what I am trying to say. Yes; your music is beautiful.. But you have to have a old soul to be able to send so many messages when you touch those strings... I felt your pain so strong that it made me want to cry.... I don't want to butt into your life or your past. But can you tell me if I am right... I know I am strange.. But you are too, I don't know if you acknowledge it or not...You underestimate the power you have in your mind (heart). You opened your heart to me in that song..If you try you can send the messages with just your thought...I think you do already... I'm going to go hear it over. I'll come back and tell you what I think. you tell me the truth. If I am wrong tell me......" -Donna E


 "I think every care i had just drifted away with every note. Thank you" -Lynn H


“You have a lovely touch. Lovely legato. Flawless. People don't realise sometimes how hard it is to play against something where there is little harmonic movement underneath you and so you have to create themes yourself. I like the way you can sustain your top notes. You are a class player.”  - Stephen W 


“I love this sentiment. You felt my feeling. Thanks for this beautiful theme Dale!” -Susan H 


“truly inspired work thank you very much for sharing made me sense the torrid refrains of Gato Barbieri's sax” - Dennis A 


"Well Dale you have done it once more let me tell you I just got on a Harley with someone special and I rode down that road with the wind in my hair and my heart full of excitement and amazment of what your music does to me. As I always say Dale Stephens you were born to play music and the world will be at your feet listening." - Jane S


“Thank You for sharing an inspirational and touching piece of work. This has touched my heart. YES, VERY MOVING!” - Laura L 


“Wonderfuf relax music! So harmony!Beautiful!” -Päivi H 


 “OMG, Dale! Your music, the way your soul just sing splendor through your talent, rips right into the depths of my heart and soul. The beauty is so deep it brings tears to my eyes. True Beauty At It's Best! You're the best! Unbelievable! Please don't ever stop sharing your soul with the world. I bless your presence. I am humbled.” - Maureen M


    Hi Dale, 
    I just wanna tell you what I think about your music, 
    Sometimes it gives me a reason to live, 
    Sometimes it makes my blood boil, 
    I wanna thank you for your songs... 
    :)   - Natalia L


“You are truly an incredible musician... you never fail to amaze me!” - Nicole L 


“The most beautiful sound I've ever heard..” - Jill G

"Oh you are painting with music the notes as before so beautiful landscapes and colours. It gets me higher and higher like a bird...Thank you Dale!" -Jaylay T


"As much as i have been following Dale Stephens career, before all the incredible news about his recording,....i have been captivated by his strength to follow his own rules, following his own heart.....and feelings as a human race we all feel.....to put it simply....I LOVE WHAT THIS MAN HAS BROUGHT TO SO MANY PEOPLES LIVES. -Donna W


    "Good night from Taiwan 
    Dear Dale, 

    Just want to tell you 
    Thank you for your music 
    'Under loves fallen rain' (I am in love with it) 

    It will be with me to sleep and dream" 

    Liz H 
    Taiwan 23:54


~Hello ~Dale~~~ 
WOW~!~!!! I just ~LOVED~ your ~Masterpiece~ it brought a ~tear to my eye~~~Thank you ever so much for your ~Gift of your Beautiful~ Music~~God Bless you ~Dale~ 
~God has gave you such a ~Wonderful Gift~ You have touched my ~Heart~ :):) with what you have sent me~ I see you have been there as far as ~Love~ & ~Lost~ We just have to Remember the ~Memory's that Shall Live in our ~Hearts~ Forever~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
~Keep on just being ~You~ 

"Thank you so much Dale, it's very beautiful. Not need of words, the sound is enough to understand the message. You are a big artist Dale. It's rare to find somebody who can make speak a guitar as you make it." - Valérie S


"This is awesome, tone is incredible, what feeling!!!" - J Smith


 "Dale I love all music but there is something magical about yours, its full of perfectness that relaxes your brain. I will seek out your c.d now. I love this one. Keep up the good work." - P Armand


"This video has touched me. The weeping of your guitar echo's pain!! BTW do you have a tissue?? Absolutely Beautiful....Thank you for sharing with me!!!"     -Renee H


"Daleeee!!! too beautiful your music, so subliminal inspire me the most melodious in the being over deep aww.. good week I wish you the best with your great style that shines forever, I love...all the best for you and many sparks in harmony!!  in the Latin flavor from Venezuela (^.^) muack mauck" -AH Gonzalez

"Dale, it's enchanting, captivating and exemplifies your phenomenal talent as a creator and artist. Your art enriches the lives of those whom you have touched and I am blessed to know you my dear and special friend." -K Smith


"I LOVE ANYTHING DALE DOES..GOOD FOR MY BODY AND SOUL...hes amazing,he has helped me sooo much with my Panic attacks and Anxiety problems,my doctor said he will start telling his patients about him..soon as i get him to check out CD..COOL EH??" LOVE YOU 2 Donna ~*~*DEE~*~*


"your music brings me into the world of fantasy :)" -mrsdelirium


"A simple man is a great man!!! A simple man is a kind and deep feeling man. He is a man with a warm beautiful soul, That speakes and thinks from the heart. YA!!! That sounds like you. And that is why, It didn't surprize me that the world fell in love you and your music. I am proud to know you and hear your songs. You fill my heart with delight." -D Elkins


"dale, it is an honor my brother, being a writer for many decades, the work you have shared with me has inspired me in many ways with all due respect- my thanks- my peace i leave with you _ stay in the light and bless you" -youngblood